Benui load cell
Load Cell

Load Cell

Located in China, NingBo Benui Electric company is a manufacturer and supplier of advanced Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Digital Displays and Portable Sensor Verification / Calibration Systems (VCal) NingBo Benui Electric company has demonstrated steady growth and built a solid reputation as a “load cell and weighing scale manufactor in China and overseas markets
Although our expertise in load cells / weighing scale applies to many industries, our product line and custom manufacturing ability is focused in the following industries:
loads cells including low profile load cells, single point load cells, miniature load cells, beam load cells, load cell accessories, S type load cells and column load cells.
Working with corporations of various sizes, we have established a solution methodology that works for any company no matter how large or small of a job. We offer personal interaction and support while adhering to the professionalism and service of a Fortune many Companys. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to improving our quality and to bringing you complete load cell/ sensor solutions from design conceptions to application. By establishing closer ties to our vendors and alliances we can offer cost effective measurements while bringing you a quality product that you can rely on. Whether you’re looking for a standard product, need to modify an existing product NingBo Benui Electric company can provide the solution!
Compression Load Cell
Single point Load Cell
Tension Load Cell

Weighing Scale

Weighing Scale

NingBo Benui Electric company. is a major Chinese Manufacturer of Weighbridges, Truck Scales, Weighing Electronics and Industrial Scales in the International market, and leader in Industrial Weighing and Process Automation in China. Our product including all kinds of industry scale crane scale buffering scale cylinder scale, Dynamic axle weighing check system platform scale, truck scale, movable truck scale, portable truck scale, weigh beam, body scale etc. The company organizes development and production strictly in accordance with GB and quality management system of ISO9001: 2000. It has a wide range of scale products. With high ratio of performance to price and prompt delivery, it has set up a good brand image in domestic and abroad market.
Crane Scale
Bufferring Scale
Cylinder Scale
Dynamic axle weighing check system
Platform Scale
Truck Scale
Movable Truck Scale
Portable Truck Scale
Weigh Beams

Weighing Scale

Weighing Accessories

NingBo Benui Electric company has come forward as a fastest growing entity, manufacturing and exporting of world-class quality load cells / sensors, fittings for electric weighing apparatus Weighing indicators, Weighing terminals and junction boxes, Industrial scales, Crane scales, Weighbridges, Truck Scales and automation control systems in various kinds Weighing Accessories, Weighing Structures. At the same time we can supply all kinds accessories for weighing: weighing indicator, Big screen, Junction Box, Cable, load cell block, Measuring Instruments, Digital Balance, A/D module, strain gauge etc.

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